Golden Olive 'Eleni' Oil

Extra Virgin olive oil is not only a premium product to Helen Koutalianos of Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd. - it's a family tradition that goes back for centuries.

"I know that our product - Golden Olive 'Eleni' Extra Virgin Olive Oil - stands out from the rest." This, she says, is because her company pays strict attention to what the Greeks have been learning about olive oil for thousands of years.

The product comes from family run olive oil estates in Greece. "And in 1997, when Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd. was conceived, we realized that there was a need to educate people here of the value of olive oil in their diets and supply the market with oil of exceptional quality."

The key, she says, is freshness. "An ancient Greek saying is: 'consume your olive oil new, drink your wine old,' and that's what we're trying to tell the market. Golden Olive 'Eleni' is always the fresh new oil of the current year's harvest.

"The current year harvest claim means that the olive oil has been freshly pressed - which is best for both flavour and for health. North Americans still do not fully understand the importance of the new harvested extra virgin olive oil in their diets.

"We often hold olive oil tastings, and for many these are a wonderful awakening.

"Our oil stands out from the rest because it is the first pressing, single estate, organic, and fresh. It is produced in limited quantities."

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