Cheap Foods are Costly to our Health

What we call ‘safe food’ is not attractive to North American consumers, as they have bypassed quality, often choosing the lowest possible price. We have been bombarded with genetically modified foods, antibiotics, crazy cows, avian flu, micro biotic dangers, and poor labeling legislation – yet still we are counting our pennies. Have we yet to learn that price is the nourishment determinant needed for our bodies and health? This sounds repetitive. Well then, who cares? We do. At Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd., [Golden Olive ‘Eleni’® Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil] we strive every year to bring the best quality certified organic extra virgin olive oil [among our many other products] to the Canadian market. Do we get support for our efforts? Yes, there are people who certainly believe in our products – those who have been along with us on our 7 year ride of hardships and great successes. Still, we are confronted by a wall of ignorance. Ignorance, combined with continuous media brainwashing, continues to confuse even the most educated of people. Our lives have become so complicated – from fad diets to media manipulation – we, as Canadian citizens, fail to know truth from falsehood.

The fact is – we are naive. So when sickness hits – cancer, diabetes, heart disease…we are utterly surprised. The ‘why me’ syndrome!



The price will be paid sooner or later. If you pay now and choose the best quality and healthiest food products available – you will keep the best you. Otherwise, you pay later with health problems that money cannot solve.

The other day the news told a story of a man who had died at the age of 114. He had been a smoker all his life. How you interpret this is up to you. Maybe addicted smokers will believe a pack a day will keep the doctor away. Even better – think of the cigarette companies eager to advertise the...advantages of smoking! The question is what do you believe? Take a cigarette – now inhale deeply. Use chemicals on your lawn, and spray the trees. Only poison, right? It’s only your lungs and our drinking water, or is it? Let us not forget that when we feed our livestock with unacceptable foods, microbes are transferred into our bodies. When we are careless with our health, and with the environment – it is us humans who will suffer…that is, sooner of later. God trusted us with a unique and perfect system – clearly, it is now anything but perfect. Let us get back to basics…organic farming. Let us think of quality before price. Let us use our money wisely and invest in our future and above all, in our health.

Basil Koutalianos

Basil Olive Oil Products Ltd.


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